Laptop Rehab
Laptop Rehab
Making life better, one Laptop at a time!!
Making life better, one Laptop at a time!!

Lindsey Resnik is collecting laptops for rehabilitation

Any working laptop (with ac adapter) is accepted.

The laptops will be erased and a new operating system will be installed. These "New" laptops will be given to needy students and families at the Open Door Health Center and Safe Space

We also collect and will find homes for:
  • working cell phones (with battery and ac adapter) for donation to Safe Space Domestic Violence Shelter
  • used eyeglasses for donation to the Lion's Club Eye Bank
  • used hearing-aids for donation to the Open Door Health Center
  • used medical equipment (canes, walkers, commodes)
To donate a laptop or make a monetary donation

please email Lindsey

at info at

We will organize pick-up of the equipment

and put it to good use.

No matter a person's position in life, knowledge is key to making that life richer. What better way than to make sure each student and family has a computer, to use at school, at home, in life!

Thank you to David Salaues and Impact Computers

for their expertise and support!

Help us help everyone
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Help us help everyone